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image Codeplex is a wonderful site. However not just for the .Net coder but the SQL Server guy/gal can find plenty of goodies there as well.

One such goody is the FineBuild utility that does as the name suggest helps create a ‘Fine Build’ of your SQL Server install.

All to often installing SQL Server can turn into a day long process with the various additional service packs, CU’s, tools and utility to install. Well FineBuild can automate all of that so all you need to do is run the start script, go off to lunch and it’s all done for when you come back.

So this makes a DBA life easier, big deal! What about developers? Well how often have you heard or said, it works in development but it doesn’t work in Live! What’s the difference?

In SQL Server this is likely to be one of two common reasons,

  • Using a feature or setting that is present in the development environment but not so in live.
  • Or the very frustration, using a different collation especially as many collation have been deprecated (did you know that?)

The answer is creating a standard build that is consistently used and agree on throughout all the stages of the development lifecycle that is also easy to change and can work with server building utilities such as Altiris. Work on desktops as well and can be installed many times over as SQL Instances.

FineBuild ticks all these boxes and comes in a 2005 flavour and a release candidate for 2008 both of which are free.

Even if you use the default settings you will be onto a winner from the start but I would advise reading the comprehensive instructions and tailoring settings and scripts to suite your particular environment as it will save you lots of time and stress later on.

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