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Thanks to James McGovern for the original posting of these statistics. Thank you Microsoft for the transparency.

Microsoft internal IT:
600k connected devices
10,000 Servers
3 Datacenters 1 operations center
11% is virtualized in Microsoft Datacenters
330 of 385 servers run Windows Server 2008 (RC0) plus all 85 servers
11 clustered systems
30,000 users in Redmond domain (50,000 with vendors)
NAP reporting 140K clients, 90 clients deferred mode

The Redmond Active Directory domain is running in Windows Server 2008 mode since last Thursday (Nov 1st)

Microsoft Email:
6 million internal emails per day
20 Million emails from Internet
97% rejected as spam
99,999 uptime

140,000 end users
550 buildings
98 countries
1/3 of the sites are connected over Internet only
2300 Line of business applications
1 single SAP instance (5 Terabyte database)

Windows Live Services:
130,000 servers online
435 Million unique users
280 Billion pageviews daily
12 Billion emails daily
6 billion Instant Messages daily

Remote connect:
1 million VPN sessions per month
80,000 unique OWA users
Remote app portal
TS gateway 20,000 users
Direct Connect pilot figures:
55,7 million unique users, #4 overall site in US
280,5 Unique users worldwide #6 site worldwide
15,000 request a sec

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