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What are the biggest challenges for Governance in the IT space currently?

  • How to start! There really is no definitive manual.
  • Determining the correct structure and processes for you organisation.
  • Achieving buy-in.
  • Getting the right people involved
  • Not to mention cultural change and the list can indeed go on and on.

All these topics are discussed at length but I am constantly mystified why one of them isn't tackled and it rates pretty highly and is rarely tackled and that is how decision makers think.

I'm not talking about the inner-monologue or anything like that but training the mind to think in away that is appropriate for the job in hand using many different tried and tested techniques which I'm going to actively avoid mentioning here because this is not my field of expertise.

Edward de Bono has written many major works on this very subject for the last 40 years, he famously introduced the world to Lateral Thinking back in 1967 in his revolution book entitled The Use of Lateral Thinking (here) and has written many other books on the subject since.

Edward de Bono's work is not the only author on the subject, there is indeed a great deal of work out there so it's even more amazing that this subject is often not broached. The reason is ofcourse that it is very personal and you can't go around and tell your manager that he isn't thinking correctly, so a tough problem to solve.

In a position of authority such as in a Governance role it is of the utmost important to not make knee-jerk decisions because the obvious problem may just be a symptom of the real problem. Having better thinking techniques allows you to use a stronger set of questions to determine the real cause and this is not something that can be found and established in a process. However procedures can reduce the amount of questions that are need but often these lessons need to be learnt first.

Knee-Jerk decisions are called 'linear thinking' and this is pretty much recognised as a danger to management in business so the next time you are feeling a little light on your mental arsenal it may be time to get your mind trained as this is often the main reason that separates a good discussion from a bad one.

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