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It comes as no surprise to me but swearing at work is good according to a study by researcher at the University of East Anglia, UK (UAE)

"The study found regular use of profanity to express and reinforce solidarity among staff, enabling them to express their feelings, such as frustration, and develop social relationships.

The results of the study, Swearing at work and permissive leadership culture: when anti-social becomes social and incivility is acceptable, are published in the current issue of the Leadership and Organization Development Journal (Vol 28 Issue 6, pages 492-507)."

Now, I have been known to turn the air blue from time to time (just ask Richard Peat who I had the good fortunate to work with once) when wrestling with a certain set of spreadsheets and the myriad of spaghetti VBA underneath it. Swearing is cathartic and there is nothing like a darn good vent! However if it wasn't a swear word, would it work so well?

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