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I'm on Facebook but I'm not all that fussed about it. Yep, it's great to hang-out there, meet people, stay in touch and all that but I know I'm just not going to be using it for long.

To my mind it's just a pleasant distraction, just like dealy-boppers and roller-blades I'm sure I will move on to the next craze when it emerges.

As for the Facebook applications, well, what a waste of time! The ones I have tried so far have just been plain rubbish, so I'm not inspired to try anymore. I'm going to actively avoid them in the future.

Putting my Architecture head on for a mo, is it just me or does the UI suck? It's just all over the place with so much content most of which is no use and finding what you want can mean going to a specific page and hunting around for the link. I wonder if Alan Cooper could give them afew suggestions.

So what about Twitter, MySpace etc? Meer, I say! Been-there, done-that! The one I will keep up to date is LinkedIn just because I do use it as my self updating contact list, where I can periodically download peoples vcards into Outlook or my phone (hint: there is an idea here for a feature you can add to Office Live Microsoft) but I'm in no rush to madly add more contacts to it as there is a point when you get so many it becomes unwieldy and hard to find the contact you want so it becomes pointless having it.

Don't get me wrong, we all like to be popular but using social networking sites is perhaps not the way to do that. I'm no psychologist but isn't having a long list showing off some kind of insecurity?

So how am I going to meet new and interesting people in the Information age? Perhaps the good old fashioned way at a Geek Dinner. There is no substitute for speaking to someone face to face in the same room over a beer.

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 11:12 PM | Back to top

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