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It's funny how life continues here. The horse and sheep are still where they were yesterday and the day before oblivious to anything other than the meal under their feet. The cockerel is still sounding out his territory to all who can hear but the noise of the gentle lowing of cattle has gone.

Living in short walking distance of the Prides farm and very much inside the protection zone of the recent outbreak has brought into sharp focus that Lou and I very much recent ex-townies that are now living in a rural area.

With the previous outbreak 6 years back the stark images on the TV didn't really mean that much, they were happening to someone else and meant little to me in the middle of my Woking housing-estate, ok so price of some meats where more than normal or even unavailable which seemed more than annoyance than anything else at the time.

Here and now, I couldn't give a monkeys about the price of meat, that's a consequence. The reality is that cattle have sadly been put down and a farmer, a neighbour, doesn't have his main source of income. The very least I can do is wash the wheels of my car with disinfectant when I move in and out of the protection zone because I live on a country road that leads to other farms. I do feel guilty now for feeling so complacent about the last outbreak.

So is there road-blocks around here guarded by police? Actually no, only on the lane directly to the effected farm. The only other thing that was unusually was the amount of helicopters overhead and low flying aircraft, specially yesterday, that was actually an unnecessary pain as they were constant and unrelenting. At times it was difficult to hear, like I was in the middle of some airshow that I hadn't been invited to. Are live aerial images for each news networks bulletin actually necessary? And what were they taking pictures of? Animals being slaughtered, images that would need to be sanitised before public consumption and for what point? Who really wants to see that? Is the public that ghoulish? I really hope we aren't, but sadly I know deep down we actually are.

With any hope the outbreak is contained to this corner of the world and life can go back to normal in the not to distant future.

As for beef, well its on the menu whether it is cheap or not because's this protects the livelihoods of my new neighbours and keeps where I live how it is, beautiful.

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