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Developer Developer Developer Days have been a great success for the UK Microsoft development community, because it is a community event run by the community for the community. But credit where credit is due, this event would not be possible without the support of a generous sponsor.
NxtGenUG Fest 07 is an ambitious community event; the aim is to create an event that is the best it can be with a strong theme about looking into the future. To have truly world class speakers and presentations about what is happening next in the Microsoft development world. Yes this event is very much ahead of the game, this is the idea.

Sadly it’s not free, NxtGenUG isn’t about making a profit, but we are charging because we want to pay our speakers travel expenses, pay for the venue, food and drink etc and so this is why there is a charge and not an unreasonable one at that when you think about what we are trying to cover.
Microsoft is supporting us in this endeavour but in a different way, they are letting us have a rare opportunity to view of what they have in store for us and providing their own resource to show us.

I would like to see Fest 07 as a success as it will be proof that the UK Development community can stand on its own two feet and have other types of event. For my mind it’s a necessary evolution as DDD should not be the only developer event in the calendar and the community shouldn’t be constrained by having just this type of event because it is limiting itself because it depends on the bank-roll of generous sponsor.

If we in the community finally bit the bullet and start supporting our local groups financially we will get to see more events and in our local regions, not just around Reading and see so many other benefits besides. We learn more in a nicer/easier way, so we are better at our jobs, we meet new people and that’s always handy. User groups are nothing short of life changing.

Hey but if you like freebies, well one of the pillars of NxtGenUG is SWAG!  .... and totally rude amounts of it and this event will be the most Swagtastic yet!

So Fest 07 is unique, important and ambitious, it’s a large long necked cheeky peer into what is happening next and a model of future community events to come.

So May 23rd is the Date, TVP, READING is the place ... and to register is  >>>HERE<<<.

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