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Bless Grady Booch! Love him or hate him you can't keep him down! Just only a few weeks after open heart surgery he has posted another classic!

This time Grady has decided to take a few pot-shots at SOA picking fairly and squarely on the hype.

Well to be honest Grady, IBM doesn't actually get away scott-free when it comes to SOA marketing hype, the 'middleware' campaign over the summer springs to mind.

Anyway, I for once pretty much agree with him on this one, infact I touched on this a few months ago myself here.

The link to Grady's post is here.

Oh and whilst we are on the subject Grady, when is IBM going to make Websphere product suite less confusing? I think you should turn you talents to this and sort them out.

Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2006 4:00 PM SOA , Main | Back to top

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