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In this day and age keeping up with that is going on is an art in itself. Yes, there is blogs, articles, webcasts, on-line teaching, podcasts and vlogs, all pretty cool if you really have the time but nothing beats someone examining it to you in person. This is why DDD days are great!

So, I’ve been thinking for sometime now what would be a good DDD session? Well one of the elements of my role is explaining to people of all areas of my business the benefits of a particular technology or technological approach and explaining in easy terms what the latest buzzword they’ve heard is.

So the session I’ve put forward for DDD3 is “Buzzword Bingo, the blaggers guide!” This will be a short session performed at a gallop that will explain to the audience, in brief, what a few of the most recent buzzwords are.

This is where you guys, my kind readership, come in, I have a few topics I believe I should cover and they are,


I will be looking to doing 10 subjects in an hour (5 if I get a half hour slot) so roughly five minutes per subject with a bit of contingency.

So this is where I need your input. What subjects do you believe it would be important for me to cover? And what out of my list do you agree or disagree with? Thanks very much for your feedback, the more I get the better this session is going to be.

I know that this is a very an ambitious thing to try and do and in such a short period of time I’m bound not to give a subject the full attention it deserves to do it justice, but I’m looking at my session as arming individuals that wouldn’t normally have looked at these subjects and inspiring them to go and find out more. I will be as usual  packing my PowerPoint with information and links which people can use after the session. And Sarah gave me the idea for a really cool game!

Hopefully, with your help, we can have a good session that helps the whole day add up to a success.

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