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Microsoft acquires Groove Networks


Office 12 will be named Microsoft Office 2007 on release. The official release date is still tba but is expected late 2006. The Microsoft Office 2007 fact sheet can be found here.

One of the interesting additions to the Office suite is Microsoft Office Groove.

Groove is all about people collaboration. Increasing people need to work as a team, but the teams boundaries could be geographical, organization or disconnected.

The Groove.Net site products overview page explains it better than I can,

"What's in it for you?

  • Start sharing files and data in seconds. No need to set up secure servers or Virtual Private Networks.
  • Keep projects, files and meetings automatically in sync on your home and work computers. No more emailing files across computers or using USB keydrives.
  • Work when you want, from wherever you want, even when you're offline.
  • Build custom solutions in minutes and days, not months. No programming skills required.
  • Stop spending so much time tracking down people and deliverables, merging document changes, or shuffling spreadsheets after hours. Reclaim that time for yourself - see a movie, cook dinner, play!

What's in it for your team?

  • See who's online and working right now.
  • Have conversations, post questions, and get answers about the files, projects, or processes.
  • Groove notifications ensure nothing slips through the cracks by alerting you when files have been added or changed.
  • Plan, conduct, and follow up on real-time online meetings. Let team members update their own action items and project tasks.
  • For advanced project management capabilities, Groove Virtual Office Project Edition includes advanced features such as Gantt charts, milestone tracking, defining predecessor tasks, and integration with Microsoft Project.

What's in it for your organization?

  • Cut costs by reducing travel and telecommunications cost.
  • Increase productivity by helping workgroups work across departments, organizations, and geographic locations.
  • Empower workgroups to get work done flexibly, while not compromising security. Groove security is "always on" and better than a VPN, while requiring no setup or configuration by users or IT staff.
  • Groove maximizes network bandwidth by cutting back-and-forth emails with large attachments and by only sending file change data over the network (not the entire file) when someone makes an edit."

Groove is an existing product that Microsoft added to it's portfolio after the acquisition of Groove networks, the trial version you can download from here if you wish.

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Comments on this post: Microsoft Office 2007 & What is Microsoft Office Groove?

# re: Microsoft Office 2007 & What is Microsoft Office Groove?
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I think yours is the most lucid description of Groove and its benefits / functionality I have seen. I suspect those who resent Microsoft may just turn around when they begin to realize exactly how more functional Vista and Office 2007 are. I am optimistic.
Left by Stephanie Trapasso on Jun 25, 2006 3:17 AM

# re: Microsoft Office 2007 & What is Microsoft Office Groove?
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A disturbing negative, however, is Microsoft's rather stuborn--and is it fair to say, self-defeating PR stance--imposition of Internet Explorer on any one interested in previewing Vista, Office 2007, or any other new and possibly revolutionary software. I consider it unfair to mention them here, you all know them, but we have several superior, more functional and flexible search platforms at our disposal. MS is saying, "here, here is your cavier, but you must only have it with ersatz Vodka or Chanpagne!"
Left by Stephanie Trapasso on Jul 12, 2006 2:21 PM

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