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Security and identity are problems that the Internet just hasn't cracked.

The problem is no one organisation has a user identity mechanism that everyone else will agree to use, so the consumer is the loser as he or she has to put the same piece of personal data into multiple websites over and over again.

Microsoft did think they had the answer with the passport system, this was nice and simple in my opinion, but today only Microsoft sites really use it and this is because some viewed it as expensive and not everyone trusted Microsoft also competitor weren't going to give Microsoft an advantage on a plate.

SXIP (Pronounced 'skip') or Simple, eXtensible Identity Protocol is a simple user centric mechanism that gives users control over their Internet identities and enables online communities to have a richer relationship with their membership. I'm not going to tell you much more than that, not cos I'm nasty but because I want you to watch this really good and short (15 mins) presentation by Dick Hardt, CEO of Anyone who does presentations will really appreciate how good this is.

Dick Hardt blog, Identity 2.0 can be found here.

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Article on SXIP and Indentity with Dirk Hardt's entertaining presentation.
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