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... from here.

It's actually kind of cool as it allows the user to search the MSDN Blogs and forums and also the CodeZone as well as articles on MSDN.

The really cool part is that you can subscribe to you query as an RSS feed!

Being an Alpha it does have a few bugs, so feedback please. The feedback link is on the bottom of the right hand frame or here.


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# re: New Alpha version of MSDN Enchanced Search is now available
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Thanks for trying us out and commenting Dave. We're working hard to improve the MSDN Search experience. In the last last couple of weeks we've made many changes to improve stability, performance, and cross-browser compatibility.

As fellow developers, we think got a bunch of ideas that could make it better. But we'd love to hear from you what we're missing that'd make your life better.

Stop by our blog and say hi...
Left by Steve Butler [MSFT] on Feb 24, 2006 6:03 AM

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