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IBM recently introduced a free version of its DB2 database called DB2 Express-C, a move designed to win software developers over to its products. The database is essentially the same as there commercial product but is limited to a single dual core processor and a memory limit of 4GB.

IBM's decision to add a free database to its lineup is really keeping up with the Jones follows moves by its largest rivals in the database business, Oracle and Microsoft.

With the release of SQL Server 2005 in November last year, Microsoft introduced a free version. Similarly, Oracle has a free product called Oracle 10g Express Edition.

The three corporate-database providers are all seeking to appeal to software developers, who help influence companies' technology decisions. In addition, open-source databases, which generally include a free edition, have risen in popularity in the past year.

Developer research firm Evans Data found that more than 70 percent of developers had installed and used an open-source database last year. Of the open-source databases, MySQL was by far the most popular among respondents, according to Evans Data. This I can believe after installing FireBird myself in the summer last year and been using every since, but not happily I might add, but thats another story!

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