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I'm a regular user of Google like billions of other net users.

Most of my interactions with take place via the toolbar at the top of my browser but sometimes when I want to use another service I venture on to the front page of the UK version which is simple and clean. I have liked the fact that Google has resisted the temptation to sell parts of this space to advertisers.

More and more these days I'm getting a bit bored of the extra click on the more » link, it would be cool if more of those features such as Blog search and Maps made it to the front page to join Froogle.

The other thing I would like is for the famous 'Google Search' button to kick off the Blog search, Map look up or Froogle search, by either allowing you to chose the feature you want then type in the textbox then hit the 'Google Search' button. 

Alternatively, fill in the textbox, then hit the required feature link which will start a search in that featureusing the content of the textbox. Google will let you do this already with News but not Froogle or strangely Images.

Now it has to be said that has a nice little drop-down thats easy to use, but the issue I see straight away is that I don't know what all the features are unless I open the drop-down, so 'Stock Quote' or 'Shopping' I wouldn't know about. Also clicking on the feature will start a search with that feature.

My last gripe is, and this goes both search engines, can I do all this without using the mouse? If I can it's not obvious.

How would you change Google's Front Page?

Posted on Sunday, January 8, 2006 3:30 PM Main | Back to top

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