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Microsoft Research has released details of the new operating system it is currently working on called ‘Singularity’.

Singularity is a research project in Microsoft Research that started with the question: what would a software platform look like if it was designed from scratch with the primary goal of dependability? Singularity is working to answer this question by building on advances in programming languages and tools to develop a new system architecture and operating system (named Singularity), with the aim of producing a more robust and dependable software platform. Singularity demonstrates the practicality of new technologies and architectural decisions, which should lead to the construction of more robust and dependable systems.

Source: Overview of the Singularity Project here

Interestingly enough there is a bunch of videos on ‘Singularity’ on C9 here and the inevitable discuss in the Coffeehouse here .

Loads of questions spring to mind …

What is the future intent of this OS?
Will it become a later version of Windows?
What kind of timeframes are we talking about?

Obviously this is a research project, so Microsoft probably doesn’t have any firm plans for the results of this project. If anything they are using this project to learn. It’s reassuring that Microsoft is sharing this knowledge with us, but obviously there is a gamble in showing the game plan, so I won’t expect much meat on the bones just yet.

I’ll keep you posted.

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