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Windows XP N is a version of Windows that is unbundled from Windows Media Player. The European Commission decision prohibited Microsoft from charging more for the stripped-down operating system -- Microsoft listed the product for the same price as the full version of Windows XP.”

Full story here.

All I can say is that I’m not surprised!

Firstly, I do agree that the EC is trying to make an even playing field and they should be applauded for that but in this instance the result was pointless.

Windows XP N is a waste of time and money because common sense dictates that anyone in their right mind isn’t going to purchase a product with less in it than another very similar product for the same price.

But the principle has been proved? And how much has this principle cost us the tax payer? Was it worth it? IMHO No!

If Windows XP N was at a reduced cost, perhaps even as little as a few euros, I believe this would have made the product more palatable for the man in the street, perhaps even a good demonstration that for some of our operating systems purchases many features currently found in XP are simply not required because they wouldn’t be used. It could even be a good thing for Microsoft as they may even ship more copies of Windows as a result. Who knows?

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