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TFS Beta 3 actually was available for download since Friday, but I've been slow on the up take this weekend.

The TFS team have been working hard on making the install process easier, my advice here is simple ...

1) Use a fresh built server

2) Use a server you don't mind completely rebuilding, a good idea is to use a virtualised server but remember that Microsoft have not fully supported this option.

3) Read and understand the install process BEFORE you do it. RTFM !!!!

4) Get hold of the right versions of all the prerequisite software BEFORE attempting to install TFS and install prerequisite software ready, unless previously stated by the installation guide. Doing the installation process in the right order is very important.

5) Read the known issues documentation, I pulled my hair out for an hour on an error that had a simple cure if only I have read the known issues document, I would spare anyone else that complete waste of time.

6) Follow Rob's blog here, don't get information second hand (like from me). I gave the Microsoft UK MSDN licence renewal team Rob's url this morning because I knew more about what was happening to TFS then they did, not good guys! Left arm - right arm.

TFS is slated for Q1 2006 if all goes well, so fingereds crossed.

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