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As with so many of these debates we never seem to draw conclusions. I would like to take this opportunity to do that as this is an old debate and one that really needs finally putting to rest.

I started this debate 
here on Channel 9 because this old issue hasn't really been resolved as VB does encounter a lot of FUD.

A good example is that many UK companies will hire a C# developer for approx £5000 more than a VB.NET developer, this is because the HR guys have been steered by us, we have created this issue.

After making phone calls to connections and agents I realised that this issue wasn't just a headline in the back of weekly computer magazine but a real issue in the market place.

This is a serious issue when it effects how much money an individuals get to take home, it's not fair, this is why I have such strong feelings about this issue and finally solving it so we can all move on.

How do we achieve a level playing field for VB.Net and C# developers?

What causes this issue? Predudice? Stigma? History? Belief? I have seen all of this in posts on Channel 9 and at large over the last few days.

By debating this issue we as a group can discuss this issue openly and honestly as the first step to putting this issue finally behind us, this is what I want to achieve a level playing-field for ALL .Net developers because here (in the UK) we don't have it.

So in conclusion,

We have to understand that every developer is going to have had a history.

Every developer has achieved a level of understanding by education that may not be as high as others.

It is a very common human trait to pre-judge a fellow human by reading he head-line.

No one likes to think they have made a bad decision in the path they have followed in life.

We are pack animals by nature, which means we compete against other groups than our own.

A superiority complex is common amongst our fellows and that is,

1. Have an exaggerated feeling of being superior to others.
2. A psychological defense mechanism in which feelings of superiority counter or conceal feelings of inferiority.

So is this uncomfortable reading when really the person at issues may well be ourselves.

This issue isn't only about VB v C#, but can be said about Java v .Net and Linux v Windows. When in reality there really is no real need for conflict. It's all just about differences. We have to realise that not all of our needs are the same and nor can they ever be because our society has nuts and bolts of different sizes and shapes that make up the whole machine. We all need to co-exist together otherwise the whole machine stops and the product of the  machine is just making things betters.

So, Its time to take a step back and reflect on our actions and correct them now moving forward, because I believe we are all equally guilty. Yes, I know we are all human and I know we are all Geeks to a greater or lesser degree but we have to take active steps to being better than the sum of our parts out of respect for our fellows so we can all move forward together as a group and an industry.

I would like to leave the last work to the creator of both languages Microsoft from the white paper they wrote on this subject which can be found here.

Because of the previous differences between Visual Basic and C/C++, many developers assume incorrectly about the capabilities of Visual Basic .NET. Many Visual Basic developers think that Visual C# is a more powerful language than Visual Basic. In other words, Visual Basic developers assume that you can do many things in Visual C# that you cannot do in Visual Basic .NET, just as there are many things that you can do in C/C++ but cannot do in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 or earlier. This assumption is incorrect.

Although there are differences between Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET, both are first-class programming languages that are based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, and they are equally powerful. Visual Basic .NET is a true object-oriented programming language that includes new and improved features such as inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, and overloading. Both Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET use the common language runtime. There are almost no performance issues between Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET. Visual C# .NET may have a few more "power" features such as handling unmanaged code, and Visual Basic .NET may be skewed a little toward ease of use by providing features such as late binding. However, the differences between Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET are very small compared to what they were in earlier versions."

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