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I shouldn't feel ashamed! I'm not a second class developer!

I've been developing for years from COBOL, C, Ada, Smalltalk, VC++ and VB is still my favourite language.

Before .Net I really wanted VB to be fully OO. Like many, I got OO, I just couldn't afford to be blue-sky purest all the time when a dead-lines looming and VB has always been great for productivity.

VB has taken all kinds of FUD over the years amazingly even when it became a .Net language. So how is C# better than VB? It isn't, the plain fact is, it's just different.

So for the record I just want to say thanks Microsoft for continuing to invest in VB and insuring the language has a future and with cool new features that will hopefully give VB the recognition it really deserves.

Anyway, we're having a debate about it over on C9 here, so please feel free to join in!

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I don't understand the VB vs. C# debate. It is always such a waste of time. The strong {} wingers will sing the praises of semicolons and declare that all VB programmers are not real programmers / should be shot / not allowed in their clubhouse / etc. While most VB coders will just sit by and watch because they all know the conversation is silly and a waste of time.

It's not like we (yes, I'm a VB lover and avid user) will ever convince them otherwise.

What I REALLY love are the people on the internet who say, "Hey, can we have those samples / that code / etc. in C#?" Every single time I read a post like that I ROFL. It's the .NET framework, if you can't read VB code to figure out what you want to do or what the sample is trying to show then you have bigger problems. The same goes for a dev wanting samples in VB. If you can't read C# and figure out the VB equiv. then perhaps you aren't the coder you once believed.

Every single day I am amazed at how syntax and keywords can cause such a battle.

Honestly, if a VB coder IS worth much he/she can code in C# just fine… they just choose not to. Of course that is just my opinion.
Left by Eric Hammersley on Sep 23, 2005 7:51 PM

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