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Clemens Vasters of newtelligence AG has written a new whitepaper for Microsoft introducing Windows Communication Foundation (formally known as Indigo) that explains the fundamental concepts of building services with WCF. The paper features descriptions and examples of service and data contracts and more besides and literally including the ABC’s of WCF …

"ABC" is the WCF mantra. "ABC" is the key to understanding how a WCF service endpoint is composed. Think Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster or Big Bird. Remember "ABC".

  • "A" stands for Address: Where is the service?
  • "B" stands for Binding: How do I talk to the service?
  • "C" stands for Contract: What can the service do for me?

Web services zealots who read Web Service Description Language (WSDL) descriptions at the breakfast table will easily recognize these three concepts as the three levels of abstraction expressed in WSDL. So if you live in a world full of angle brackets, you can look at it this way:

  • "A" stands for Address—as expressed in the wsdl:service section and links wsdl:binding to a concrete service endpoint address.
  • "B" stands for Binding—as expressed in the wsdl:binding section and binds a wsdl:portType contract description to a concrete transport, an envelope format and associated policies.
  • "C" stands for Contract—as expressed in the wsdl:portType, wsdl:message and wsdl:type sections and describes types, messages, message exchange patterns and operations.

"ABC" means that writing (and configuring) a WCF service is always a three-step process:

  • You define a contract and implement it on a service
  • You choose or define a service binding that selects a transport along with quality of service, security and other options
  • You deploy an endpoint for the contract by binding it (using the binding definition, hence the name) to a network address.

The white-paper can be found here on MSDN.

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