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More interesting information to come out of this weeks PDC include more information on Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF which was formerly known as Avalon.

The WPF development tool will use cross-platform standards, so you can use them to write normal apps that will run on different platforms or even Web-based apps with multiple browser support.

Even as it steers developers toward the forthcoming edition of Windows, Microsoft is building tools to write applications for Mac OS X and the Web, but it has yet to state if this will include Linux.

WPF uses XAML which is an XML based language in conjunction with JavaScript. By using JavaScript this will allow WPF to be used across platforms that support JavaScript.

A small (around 1 Megabyte) download will be available to older versions of windows that will allow WPF programs to run, but my guess is that they won't be as rich perhaps as with Windows Vista.

  • Find out more about WPF here.
  • Guidelines on User experience (UX for short) can be found here.
  • A sample application that will certainly get the juices going that will work today which is called MAX and will require XP SP2 to run and can be found here.


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