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Another exciting announcement to come out of the PDC is the introduction of Windows Workflow Foundation or WWF (not to be confused with a bunch of big bloke in tights getting all snarly)

So what is a 'workflow?' It is not always possible to completely automate a process in code, often a point in a process will require interaction from a human, device or perhaps even another system. A workflow is the steps in a path a of process that takes into account points where interactions take place.

An obvious example of a workflow is a change-control procedure, let say a website page has to be inspected by Marketing and/or Legal department and include their modifications before being transported onto a live-server. Another obvious one is the process an item takes from being purchased to be being picked, packed and sent out to the customer.

Initally WWF engine will work in just Visual Studio 2005 for the moment but will soon be included in Biztalk and Sharepoint services.

More information can be found here at Microsoft.

As the potential for this technology is very exciting for the Enterprise I will be looking at it in greater detail in later posts once I have got my paws on it.

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