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The story is here.

Do you believe it is true for starters?

I know in one organisation I worked for there wasn't an active written policy of doing this, but we were all very aware that the men to women ratio wasn't healthy as the women were literally completely out-numbered by approx 40 times.

I believe the main cause is that IT isn't an obviously attractive industry for women to work in and this is the challenge that we all have to counter if we ever going to redress the balance.

Is being a Geek an obvious female trait? Personally, I believe the answer is yes, why not?

So what's the answer, that I don't know? I don't believe there is an easy answer otherwise we would have thought about it by now? What do you think?

Is it a case of having to encourage our youth to not panda to stereotypes. Do we need a female role model to be the vanguard, a female version of Bill Gates? Should we encourage far more our bright youth towards a career in IT right at grass roots. Do we somehow make being in IT cool again?

Any, have a think, drop me a line.

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