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I’ve been pretty busy recently with two of my projects, mobility and SOA, getting to critical stages, the first project mobility I will talk about here in this post and the second in the following.

So my mobility project has finally made it to POC (Prooth Of Concept), which means that a small-ish test group of actually user are using hand-held devices as part of their primary function.

As yet I’m not at liability to say what the mobility project entails in great detail but I promise I will when I get the green light.

The POC has gone pretty smoothly so far and the early signs are promising as the reason for doing the project in the first place is baring fruit.

The issues we are experiencing are around Comm, Storage and Ease of Use.

The issue with Comms are that no wireless update ever works smoothly first time; it usually takes one or two attempts. Now this is down to a combination of things from the device not being quite ready to the network provider not being quiet ready.

For this POC we have gone with Vodafone because we really need the coverage and from our small study Vodafone does have the best coverage of the UK, just and they also did a good deal on the chosen device which is the HTC PDA2K

Storage, SD cards are fine if you are storing the odd MP3 or JPG, but continually writing to them will in-time mean you will more experience writing errors as the card comes to the end of it’s life. Micro-drives such as this are the way forward, but they aren’t quick and it does take a second or two for them to spring into life.

What I would like to see is the memory on the devices themselves start to increase. For a number of years now they haven’t really increased all that much and I believe that they is the reason why they haven’t as yet experience more wider scale adoption. Let’s face it we would even be looking at Blackberry’s if PDA’s were 1GB a year ago.

Thirdly, Ease of use. Now I know this is a beef that Sarah¬†and I both share. The interface on Windows PDA’s is good but no cigar. It would be good to see more standardisation and guidance from Microsoft on UI’s. Also the pilot users aren’t office based so they very rarely get to see a computer so the interface is very much Alien to them, this is a pretty steep mountain to climb and just seeing what programs are running on the device is not an easy task for the novice user.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on developments …

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