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It’s been a little quiet on the blog of late for good reason.

At work this product has been keeping me busy. Unfortunately because of corporate communication policy I cannot tell you how or where we are using it. Some of you in the Enterprise space may have heard of Barloworld, for those of you who haven't it's the market leader in the inventory management space and will soon be migrating from Delphi to a full .Net product, which isn't common knowledge. Barloworld have a strong open-source following and have switch from the likes of SQL Server and Oracle to Firebird which I have to say isn't a bad RDBMS, that I will take you through next month.

I have also been working on a range of articles that have been born from the Architect Forum, once of which has gotten to be absurdly long. This brings me neatly on to my next subject, the article is almost a book chapter, and so I was wondering that I should just continue the process and write a book! So I will start posting preview chapters in the next few weeks and months. The subject of the book … now that would be telling! I enjoy my mysteries.

As for other articles, I am currently writing a paper for work on real world implementation of Software Factories, this I will also post here. With the release of VS2005 in November the Software Factories paradigm shift can truly be realised in the Microsoft space. I think that it’s perhaps time we all tooled ourselves up for what is surely the road a-head.

The last reason I haven’t been posting is because most of my leisure time has been spent a way from my computer in the rare British sunshine. The rumours I have been playing Battlefield 2  morning, noon and night are unfounded!

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