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So, some of you may know I posted my previous post up on Channel 9 and the guys didn’t let me down.

Bob Tabor (of Learn Visual fame) came up with the most comprehensive set of answers and before coffee, impressive Bob, not a mere mortal then?

So here is the list so far,

1) Team Explorer window - Add Work Item context menu

2) Team menu item - Add Work Item

3) As someone else identified, through Excel and Project (actually, its not that burdensome, IMHO)  These are options on the Team Foundation toolbar, the Team menu and the Team Explorer window, so I'm guessing it is the preferred way ... since there are so many ways to "get to it"

4) Errors window - you can turn a warning or an error message at compile time into a work item by right-clicking the error/warning and selecting Add Work Item from the context menu

5) Extensibility Kit - So you could create a web part that allows stakeholders (or anyone you give permission to) can add work items from, say the Project Portal, or tie it into an existing app you already use.

6) There's a command line utility that comes with the extensibility kit called WIBrowser (it’s in the 'Work Item Tracking' folder after you install the Extensibility Kit).  You get full source code, so you can mod to your heart's satisfaction.

7) Doh! It’s sitting on a web service! Get that Infopath out.

Now I’m going to look into a few of these options and i'll let you know a bit more about them as I get on. Watch this space.

Posted on Friday, June 17, 2005 7:55 PM | Back to top

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