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The next big event in my tech calendar is the quarterly UK Architect Forum.

This time the event will be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre.

You may be too late to register, but here is the link.

My organisation is no different from any other large organisation in having integration issues. So I am fighting for us to take the first tentative steps into SOA so of course I am more than a little intrigued by one of the main topics and I quote.

“How to do SOA
SOA has been around for a while now and we all know what it is at a conceptual level. But the question is still, given an actual requirement to implement SOA, how do we actually go about doing it?”

This couldn’t come at a better time, because this is exactly what I want to know! Oh and half the Architects in the world no-doubt.

Also of interested to me at the event will be a case study with House of Fraser hearing about their real world experiences.

I will write a full précis of the day’s events here.

Also contact me if you are going, it would be a great opportunity to interact and share experiences, why should developers have all the fun!

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