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I very much enjoyed last night. Hugh MacLoed was a wonderful host.

190 Poindexters filled the Texas Embassy in the end.

Loads of other fellow attending Geeks have written great reviews, recorded podcasts, taken pictures and even a video which you can all be found HERE.

On a personal note I would just like to say a special Thank you to everyone I met last night.

On a lighter note, it was a right laugh! Ian has been rubbishing my good name all day on Channel 9

Fore-shame on all those who didn’t know what Channel 9 was! Call yourself Geeks!

Disturbingly, Howard is ‘Evil Personified’; he murdered his Channel 9 Guy in front of me, I did scream! Twisted man! I am using the remains as a voodoo doll Durdle!

Ian Smith and the binary watch episode will become the stuff of legend!

It was great to meet Robert. Please check-out his speech and Q&A, some answers were very enlightening.

He did get around to seeing as many of us as he possibly could with so many there this was no mean feat. I have heard some complaints, all I can say to those people is that you have to be realistic, the place was rammed, so enough of the complaining!

Robert stuck me as a one of those really nice bloke who could easily pass as a cool neighbour type that you chat about Football over the back-fence … except the difference being Robert has a passion that is the size of a super-nova … and is equally nuclear fuelled … and it’s going off!

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