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After discovering that “Error 32000: xxxxxx” is basically a general catch-all error and can literally mean a multitude of different things I decided to blow away the VMWARE server and start again and re-install a la text book. No work ‘a-rounds’, second guessing, short cuts, just following the installation guide to the letter and guess what! It installed this time without a hitch!

So what is my prognosis? If you get an “Error 32000: xxxx blah” message you haven’t done something right or missed a step somewhere or your setup isn’t quiet right, start again from a fresh install, don’t mess about. This is why I’m using VMWARE. I don’t think I would ever put BETA software or software evals now on a full blown server; it’s just hassle and a waste!

This is where I went wrong. When you install SQL Server 2005 BETA, install it first with Reporting Services, don’t go back and try and install it, because it will say it has but won’t create the websites which is kind of important as Team System project reporting relies on this. If you uninstall all of SQL Server 2005 BETA and then try to re-install it, guess what, damage done! Still Reporting Services just won’t work.

So the next time I see this error I going to be asking myself the question, what have I missed out?

Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2005 6:01 PM | Back to top

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