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Microsoft is slated today to take the wraps off its new security anti-virus/anti-spyware bundle, code-named "A1."

The official name for the product is "OneCare" and we should see it around the end of this year.

The product is likely to be subscription based and is pitched in competition with Nortons, Sophos et al.

The code for this product originally came from GeCAD and Giant which were both recent purchases.


I believe Microsoft original driver for OneCare was to further protect Windows from security threats as a response to many calls to do so.

By adopting a fee-paying model, separate product stance and a comparable feature list one could argue that Microsoft has got the message about being truly competitive in the market place.

I think that many software companies would agree that if Microsoft was to enter their market-space then they would prefer it to be like this rather than by integration in an existing product.

The note of caution is ofcourse will Microsoft using its leverage to force out the competition. Thus far I have heard very little on this project. It is very low-key as I suspect the launch of the product will be. Competition will hardly complain if a competitor is not drawing allot of attention to their offering.

From Microsoft’s view, they are doing something about security which will perhaps quieten their detractors as long as the product is reasonable, this will be the true test I feel.

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