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Greetings Earth Men (and women ... will be PC on the blog, thanx muchly) !

I come in peace, with woow so many years of experience under my belt I should have retired or been shot by now!

Welcome to the first instalment of my 'Happy Space' as Mr Robert Scoble (President elect of the Blogworld) but unlike Microsoft Marketing department you'll get the chance to answer back disagree and just plain old talk to me.

This space will be all about my passions the things that make me go wooow and I hope that you enjoy reading about my journeys. I like big things, thats why I like Architecture, no not Stephen Wren (that was his second job by the way, building St Pauls was a hobby, honest!) No I'm talking about the Enterprise! I'm going to be looking into it with my microscope giving you an idea of the big picture and whats cool and whats not IMHO. Telling you what SOA really means, EAI, integration all that good stuff and why you want it ... and where you don't and my 2p (I'm British) on just about everything.

So who the hell am I?

My name is Dave Oliver, I'm married with no kids. Been in the industry 4eva and done just about every job in it. I'm now an Architect for Scottish and Southern Energy in the UK. I've been hanging around on Channel 9 for awhile so I've scared afew people with my avatar.

Now for the serious stuff. I do work for an Energy company and I have to respect some of their rules if I wish to continue to be employed by them so I will not be dishing the dirt on stuff I shouldn't, so don't ask. What I can tell you is that SSE PLC isn't really up with the times, so being around at the beginning of the story is actually very exciting.

So, without further ado ... thats get started ... Tkx and NJ ... David 'Sabot' Oliver Esq (c) 2005

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