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The other evening I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to rebuild a client's SharePoint farm.

Generally, SharePoint is not unstable. Unfortunately, the original consultant built the farm with one service account, which made things dicey. Murphy, of some strange law fame, stepped in and presented a situation in which that service account password had to be changed. As you would expect, the administrator changed the password. Since the administrator was newer to SharePoint he didn't realize the implications of the password change and its effect on the farm.

Anyhow, this presented an opportunity to rebuild the farm with best practices in mind. Using the least privileges model, I setup the farm again. When I completed building the farm out and tried to review my accomplishment. I was blindsided by the ever so dreadful "Server 500 Error" when trying to access the site collection.

On a side note, the 500 error is just as useful as lipstick on a pig on a lonely, desolate island. I digress. When I inspected the server's Windows event log, I found:

"The HTTP Filter DLL c:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Protection for SharePoint\FSSPUsernameFilter.dll failed to load. The data is the error."

While searching "The Cloud" (sorry shameless, sarcastic plug) I found plenty of support articles about the issue. However to resolve the error most if not all of the articles resolutions had something to do with modifying the IIS Metabase. If you are like me, you envision your clients trying to modify their IIS Metabase and almost go in to a convulsive shock.

Before donning your special metabase modification coat and hat, try this. Reinstall ForeFront Server for SharePoint. It will take care of any entries in IIS and you will not even come close to the amount of potential damage done if you incorrectly change something in the metabase.

Granted it might take a bit of time and it is not as cool to talk about over the coffee pot with your co-workers, but in the end, it will yield the same result with very little risk.

Happy SharePointing!


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