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Okay, so I know that I have been gone for a long time, but I am back.  I have been deep in learning the ins and outs of SharePoint Portal and working with a really great client (how many times have you heard that before?).

First I will talk a bit about the new project.  I would say that the client is definitely unique.  They are a company that processes human donors bone and tissue.  Yes, by process I mean cut up clean up and make ready to ship to hospitals for use in other people that need the parts.  Trust me, it is way better than it sounds.  They are definitely great customers and really cool clients.

The project is implementing a customized application with SharePoint Portal and Workflow Process to help them with their internal process and record management.  But the cool part of the project is that about 75 percent of it is custom (being webparts and the like) and the rest is using the WSS base functionality that is great at (document storage, versioning, and user rights).

Otherwise I like to usually post some good information, so I would like to mention a couple of 3rd party tools that we are using with Sharepoint that has made our lives dramatically easier.

Syntergy Audit
     This is one of the coolest things that I have seen.  Not that it is totally unique, but because it is just a very easy tool to use with SharePoint and with the client that we have we need the ability to Audit everything that happens to a document.  As previously stated it is easy to install, very nice visually, and works like a charm.  It uses SharePoints eventing model to log everything that happens to a document.  If you need this functionality, then definitely look at this addin.  They also have many other products, but Audit is the only one that I can say that I have actually used and can vouch for.  But I have no doubt that I would give them the first look for the other addins.

AquaForest Tiff Server
     Now this isn't direct addin to Sharepoint, but it is a component that we very easily added in to SharePoint for the customer.  The customers client send them Tiff documents for information on the donors.  The client needed the ability to view, annotate and make notes on the document itself.  This tool, provides all of the functionality and more.  If you have a need for the same functionality then give this tool a look.

Otherwise, it looks like we should be finishing our first part of the work for the client by mid May.  I will fill everyone in on how things go. 

Also, I should be making more entries as time goes on.  I just have to recommit and start back in on blogging on a regular basis.

Happy coding.

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