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I'm currently preparing to deliver Microsoft Course 2934A - Deploying and Managing Business Process and Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006. 

So far, I've been impressed with the content, it's well structured and I think the topic selection has been good.  

One benefit of delivering a course is that you're bound to run through every lab before-hand, there's  nothing worse that the trainer getting stuck on a lab! This is turn encourages reading on  a topic that you may otherwise skip, thinking that you already know about it or that's it's not relevant to your day job. I ran through such a lab today and learned of a feature of BizTalk that I'm sure will use in future. The feature is the BizTalk Assembly Viewer, here's the instructions for setup:

    • Open a command prompt window, navigate to BizTalk Server Install Director\Developer Tools\
    • Run regsvr32 BtsAsmExt.dll


After registering the dll, load windows explorer and double-click my computer. In the Other section, you'll see system folder called 'BizTalk Server Assemblies'. Open this up and you'll see all of the BizTalk assemblies which have been deployed to the local GAC. From here, you're able to drill into each assembly to display an entry for each artefact that it conatins. At the next level down you can double click the artefact to view the XML behind each schema, map or orchestration - nice!

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