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Nishant Sivakumar recently wrote in his blog about NULL pointers and C++/CLI in his post "You *can* delete a NULL pointer!".   What I did know is that delete works fine on unmanaged code, but I wasn't 100% sure about managed, and now this confirms that it works exactly as I thought it would.
Take for example this code:
public ref class MyClass
And this calling code:
MyClass myClass = nullptr;
delete myClass;
In this above case, the destructor would not be called and no adverse affects would happen.  The if check is not necessary in this case.  The if check is still necessary for all other method operations such as this:
class MyUnmanagedClass : public IUnknown
     // Add IUnknown Methods Here
MyClass* myClass = NULL;
hr = CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(MyUnmanagedClass), NULL,
                        (void**) &myClass);
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