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This book aims to teach you how to draw and animate 3D scenes in JavaScript using WebGL. It uses a library called Three.js which makes it easier to interact with WebGL. It starts off with the basics of explaining the basic Three.js concepts such as a scene, camera and renderer. Then it moves on slowly to introduce new concepts including how to draw different kinds of 3D shapes, using light sources and textures. The book does a good job of building up your skills step by step so you'll probably want to read it in order.

In later chapters it gets into some pretty advanced concepts such as lens flares, using different kinds of materials and textures, how to do 3D animations and using physics with another JS library called Physijs. By the end of this book you should be able to do some pretty cool stuff on your own.

Overall I think this book does a good job of explaining how to use WebGL through Three.js to get you started with creating 3D images and animations in the browser. The author really seems to be an expert in this field. There are also lots of pictures, which I appreciate because I can see exactly what the author is talking about. There are a lot of code samples which are clearly explained.

You can find more info about the book here:

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