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To execute a recipe you need to find out which is the GUID for the DSL. This GUID is different for every DSL project that we create.

So, you need to open the GeneratedCmd.cs class file located at \Shell on the Designer project and search for the following constant:

public const string guidDSLNAMEMenuString = "GUID";

For example if we have a DSL named DSLFoo, then we need to search for the constant named guidDSLFooMenuString.

Once we have the GUID, we need the ID. For the DSL menu it will always be 256.

If we supose that we have a guidDSLFooMenuString constant with a value of  “d309f791-903f-11d0-9efc-00a0c911004f“, then the CommandBar will be:

<CommandBar Guid="d309f791-903f-11d0-9efc-00a0c911004f" ID="256"/>


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