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Pageflakes - #1 Start Page in this years Web 2.0 Awards
Pageflakes won the Web 2.0 Award for #1 Start Page. See the "Start Page" category from: #2 is Google's IG and #3 is Microsoft's Windows Live. Pageflakes is developed using ASP.NET 2.0 and Microsoft Atlas. Here's what Pageflakes say: Pageflakes is your personalized Internet. You can add what you like and remove what you don't like - and it's totally simple. What you see on the site right now is just a selection of a few standard modules ("flakes", as we call them) that allow ......

Posted On Thursday, May 4, 2006 1:01 PM

Stickout - .NET 2.0, Outlook, Word, Excel, Remoting everything in one article
StickOut is a desktop sticky note application with multi-user support and Outlook integration. It is a .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Forms application that uses .NET Remoting to communicate with other StickOut users and exchange sticky notes with them. It uses the new .NET Framework 2.0 IPC Channel for communicating between Microsoft Outlook and the StickOut process. The Outlook Add-in allows you to stick anything out to the desktop from Outlook including e-mails, notes, tasks, appointments, etc., as ......

Posted On Sunday, April 23, 2006 6:50 PM

Google Analytics

Introducing Google Analytics.
Sophisticated. Easy. Free.

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You'll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors.

Posted On Sunday, November 13, 2005 8:43 PM

Atlas resources on web
Atlas is the solution from Microsoft which is integrated in Visual Studio 2005.Please read the following articles to get familiar with Atlas: ......

Posted On Saturday, October 29, 2005 10:55 AM

Largest collection of web related resources

Everything you can imagine about CSS, Javascript, Blogging, and other web related technologies, you will find it here:

Posted On Saturday, October 29, 2005 12:10 AM

Million and Zero dollar homepage

A homepage that earns million dollar. You can book one pixel on this page with $1.

You can also book space on this Zero Dollar Homepage free of cost:

Posted On Thursday, October 13, 2005 12:15 AM


This is a community driven favorites collection. It is a collection of favorits of people all over the world. This site it so popular and active that you will get at least 20 favorits posted every minute. The web UI they have made is truly incredible. You can drag bookmarklets on your browser and post a favorite just by one click.

Best way to remember your favorite places on the web.

Posted On Tuesday, October 4, 2005 7:23 PM

Google Books

If you haven't seen before, you are going to fall down from your chair when you will see it.

Search with some word, it will give you all the books which contains the result. Click on a result. you will see a scanned page of the book which contains the word. Not only that, inside that scan, you will see your search words highlighted.

Now this is called technology.

Posted On Monday, October 3, 2005 4:32 PM

CMS Matrix

Content Management Martix, compare 200 open source Content Management Systems


Posted On Saturday, September 24, 2005 4:45 PM

Work with USB and COM Ports from .NET
Talk directly to the USB channel from .net using C# that you? Writing Better Software for Cool USB Hardwarehttp://msdn.microso... on Windows Drivershttp://msdn.microsof... some other general material portsSerialPort (RS-232 Serial ......

Posted On Saturday, September 24, 2005 3:44 PM

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