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My RSS Feeder.NET is now scoring between top 15th to 19th in Source Forge's most Active project. I feel proud that it's the only .NET application that has scored this high. Thanks to all of its users.

In case you don't know about it, RSS Feeder is a RSS Feed aggregator & Blog Tool.

You can use to blog to variety of blog engines including WordPress, B2Evolution, .Text, Community Server etc. I am blogging to this blog using my baby!

You can be fully MS Outlook dependent or can run fully standalone or can use both at the same time. It does NOT increase Outlook load time, make it slow frequently, prevent Outlook from closing properly.

  • Features:
    Newspaper mode- You can read feeds in a more readable newspaper mode called “Blogpaper”. 
  • Auto Discovery- Drag any hyper link and I will find out whether there is any RSS Feed in that page 
  • Outlook integration- You can store feeds in Outlook. In order to enable outlook integration (if you haven’t already), go to Tools->Option and set StoreInOutlook=true. Also select the base folder in Outlook under which channel folders are created. 
  • Blogging- You can blog too! Add your blog accounts from the “Weblog” menu
  • Blog from Outlook - You can specify an Outlook folder for an weblog account. All the posts from that folder is automatically posted to the weblog during synchronization. You can write posts as HTML using Word editor. Post content (HTML markup) is cleaned rigorously before posting to the weblog. 
  • Outlook View - Did you notice that the Outlook Folders have a more readable view? The view is called “RSS Feeder View”. It is specially made for folders which store feeds.
  • Optimized Startup - You can safely put RSS Feeder at startup and it won’t make your Windows start slower. An optimized lazy loading process puts no effort on Windows during startup instead starts the app when it is free.
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