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In response to a post from an anonymous individual on one of my posts ( regarding free Microsoft tools I thought a follow up post was required!

Anonymous, unfortunately you are mistaken; Websitespark is free and is open to individuals it truly provides all the possible tools & software that you could require to get started. If you read the program details on the Microsoft website (

You will notice that individuals are catered for:

Individual: An individual that performs web-related development and/or design services for its current customers or plans to provide such services to its customers in the future. An Individual does not have his/her own company and/or does not work for a web design or development company.

Term: Eligible Web development and design Companies and/or Individuals can participate in WebsiteSpark for up to 3 years. On the first and second anniversary of initial enrollment, they must update their enrollment (e.g., confirm they haven't gone public and their ownership hasn't changed).

Fee: There is no cost for Web Pros to join WebsiteSpark or receive its benefits.

There is a validation/vetting process for applicants and if you are so intent on stealing Visual Studio there are far easier ways. In terms of what you receive, I have downloaded Visual Studio Professional and SQL Server 2008 so I am not too sure what more your require to build web apps? Below is a listing that will no doubt age very quickly however I included it for completeness to demonstrate what is available:

·         New Downloads (3)

o   Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

o   Windows Developer Preview

o   Windows Server Developer Preview

·         Applications (1)

o   Patterns & Practices

·         Designer Tools (2)

o   Expression 3

o   Expression 4

·         Developer Tools (3)

o   Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

o   Visual Studio 2008

o   Visual Studio 2010

·         Operating Systems (4)

o   Windows Developer Preview

o   Windows Server 2008

o   Windows Server 2008 R2

o   Windows Server Developer Preview

·         Servers (3)

o   SQL Server 2008

o   SQL Server 2008 R2

o   Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

·         Tools and Resources (2)

o   .NET Framework 4

o   Web Platform Installer

Thank you for the feedback I hope this clear up your confusion. Microsoft is doing a great thing by encouraging individuals to use their tools and I think the spirit of the initiative needs to be taken into account. As a final note a lot of Microsoft’s tools are completely free as part of their express edition programs, you may want to check those out as well.





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