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Recently I attended Microsoft HTML5 WebCamp where I had a chance to get insights on all new features HTML5 has to offer. Couple things to mention:
- Canvas - a new HTMl5 feature that uses JavaScript to draw bitmap graphics on a web page. Simple approach (less JS coding) makes this interesting: empty space is treated as a painter canvas and a painter brush is replaced with JavaScript.
- SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is another graphic tool widely publicized. It is not new, it has been around for a decade, but it is getting a new shot with HTML5. One of the main reasons is its scalability as all objects created as SVG are optimized to be viewed in different resolutions (PC screen, mobile device etc).  Tools like Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Xara X can produce professional svg graphics.
- We couldn’t left Internet Explorer 9 out – we were remind ‘What developers think of Internet Explorer' before discussion start rolling on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration. The featured presentation put Internet Explorer 9 on the first place before Mozilla Firefox 6, Google Chrome and Opera by the time it took to render a page. The example below, HTML5 Blizzard, was very convincing that GPU enabled browser renders much faster and provides better graphic experience.
IE9 GPU can be enabled by unchecking ‘Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering’ in Internet Options.




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