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  Finally I decided to dedicate a computer to test windows Seven. I ran it for a month now using it as usual. Now I will share my conclusions.
Tested on a Intel Core2 Duo 2,4ghz with 4Gb ram (scoring 5.5)
Windows Seven 64bits
Windows Live Essentials
  • Very user friendly for a inexperienced user;
  • Installation ran smoothly without any trouble;
  • All in All as fast as my old Vista (that i optimized) but without twidling with settings. (I did not changed the indexing options in windows seven ).
  • Combination of the new Snapping tool and the new Paint makes it easy to work with screen shots. Much more easy
  • Avast Antivirus installed successfully (Vista 64 bit version) ans is updating correctly.
  • Internet Explorer 8 … so far so good. Nice lay out, just wondering about performance and if it is more stable.
  • Icons in the Task Bar have changed, it feels more intuitive.
  • The Quick Launch seemed to have disappear. I have not find an entry in the contextual menu to show or hide it but if you drag and drop an application on the task bar it behaves like the good old Quick Launch. ShortCuts to launch apps work as well (Windows + 1 to launch first app …) ... I never realized this was working under Vista and Windows Server 2008;
  • Most application I tried were running nicely(Avast, 7zip, Express burn) . Even games.
  • I like the new media player lay out. Smaller with basic information and commands.
  • Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) now runs every a separate process. If one tab crashes, just kill the right process and all the other tabs will stay safe :) Yes yes yes. Unfortunately, each tab page is still consumming a lot of memory;
  • Latency. Although it is a beta, I found the latency annoying. Even if it is very small, i need my system to be very responsive, there must be no delay when switching from one app to the other or when the new side bar is showing up .
  • The system did not recognized my LAN adapter (Attansic from an Asus P5K motherboard). Luckily I had the driver on a disk otherwise, no access to the network, no internet, no updates…
  • A netstat -n showed a lot of entries. Too many imho. I hope most will disappear in future releases;
  • The size on disk is huge…
  • Sometimes the start menu does not show correctly, can t see Stop and restart buttons
  • When installing I was advised to save all my mp3s somewhere else that W7 might "twiddle" with the user rights. This got me scared. I ripped all my audio CD on a drive so what would happen if i dont follow their advice ? For my own sanity I plugged that drive off…
  • It starts slowly. (relatively slowly)
  • Sometimes when the system hibernates it is not responding any more. Need to reboot the box.
  • Some apps won't install because the y do not recognize the OS.
  • Can't do coffee yet...
I wonder what is the small 200MB partition the setup created and what possibilities it opens or close (with dual boot for instance)
All in all i have appreciated the experience. I m still using it. I was sceptical at the beginning and did not install too many tools on it. But I will try to put some load on it and see how it behaves.
They're on a good way :)
Posted on Monday, February 16, 2009 11:38 PM Windows 7 | Back to top

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Thanks for posting your experience.

Install the update to remvoe the MP3 issue (just let Windows Update in Win7 run). Snipping tool is same as was in Vista, I believe. No update there. Express burn? Not familiar with that, but burn ISO is built-in for win7 (right mouse click on an ISO file). I would expect all application compatibility to be same as Vista, except for system level tools that don't follow the rules (like anti-virus).
Left by Joe on Feb 17, 2009 12:48 AM

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