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February 2010 Entries

I’m doing a talk on Mobile application development Covering Windows Mobile,iPhone and Blackberry development. Its been organised by Anglia Business Solutions and the Cambridge Network. For Information. http://www.cambridgenetwork... ......

Need a quick .Net function to add ordinals to numbers? Don’t know what an ordinal is (I didn’t). Its numbers written like 1st 2nd 3rd etc. Anyway here’s the function - private string placelabel(int num) { switch (num % 100) { case 11: case 12: case 13: return num.ToString() + "th"; } switch (num % 10) { case 1: return num.ToString() + "st"; case 2: return num.ToString() + "nd"; case 3: return num.ToString() + "rd"; default: return num.ToString() + "th"; } } ......

This just really helped me out,  I was wasting lots of time waiting for Visual Studio to compile my Compact Framework 3.5 apps.

I followed this, and got some of my day back…

RIA has to be the most unfortunate acronym I’ve come across in recent times. It stands for Rich-Internet-Application. I’m grossly simplifying things, but what it does is automatically build all the proxy objects that lets SilverLight Applications talk to databases, without writing much code. Great introduction video here. ......