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I am a Female SharePoint Developer (a platinum unicorn). I have been working with SharePoint since I attended the Portal University in 2005. I hold a BA in Computer Science from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. I love playing Rockband, organizing user group meetings, working with code, attending events as a speaker or organizer, and having bizarre conversations about geek things with cool people. If you have any comments or questions fill out the contact form and I will try my best to help.

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So as you know I am yet again involved in SPS NYC with my awesome teammates, Greg Hurlman, Jason Gallicchio, Tasha Scott, and Tom Daly.  The speakers have finally been picked and a first draft schedule has been posted at  We are also still looking for sponsors if you guys are interested you can also click on the link to grab the form, sign it, and send it to  We are also looking for volunteers and you can fill out the form at the same place listed above.  We are offering a t-shirt and a gift card for those who dedicate a couple hours of service to the event.  I believe this year will be the best event yet.  I am also considering wearing a Viking Helmut with horns if at least one other person will wear a similar item.  I would consider dressing up if I could get another person to dress up, but I think that’s asking for too much.  Also, I need to run around and help the others put out fires, so I’m not so sure full on dress attire would work out.

Anyway, registration is not yet posted for those of you guys who wish to attend.  We might post it more towards the end of June.  I am not yet sure what the decision was on the exact date, but normally we post about 6 weeks prior to the event.  I hope to see you all this year at the event.  Yet again my dad is going to show up, so stop by, attend a few sessions, and say hi to everyone.

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