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I am a Female SharePoint Developer (a platinum unicorn). I have been working with SharePoint since I attended the Portal University in 2005. I hold a BA in Computer Science from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. I love playing Rockband, organizing user group meetings, working with code, attending events as a speaker or organizer, and having bizarre conversations about geek things with cool people. If you have any comments or questions fill out the contact form and I will try my best to help.

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First off I have the best volunteers in the whole wide world.  The delegation process was not too bad.  I don't have as much on my plate as I did before.
Second I managed to convince some of my really awesome St. Louis pals to sign up.  It looks like we have these guys speaking with the INETA help (tentatively):
Daniel Larson
Corey Van Dyke
Michael Lotter
Becky Bertram
Corey Roth
Todd Kitta
Matt Bremer
Erin O'Conner
Tony Lanni

We decided to do two lab sessions back to back that were End User and kind of a what is SharePoint type training.  We are going to try and get some hard drives loaded with VPC's or use the Microsoft VPC and have people follow along if they bring laptops.  Tentatively we will have three sessions back to back with the same trainer, then repeat them again.  We might run two tracks parallel to each other with the lab sessions.  We are only allowing 20 people to sign up for these sessions at a time.  We're not sure how we will be handling this, so everyone should sign up on the regular click to attend.
While the End User/What is SharePoint training is going on we will have three other tracks: Development, Admin/Arch/Infrastructure, and Special Interest with mixed topics from all th other speakers.  We are hoping to get a total of 15-17 speakers overall.  Right now I am limiting abstracts to two, but may end up only allowing one session per person with the exception of the training.
If anyone is interested in helping out with the training portion you can e-mail  If you would like to register for the event the link is located at 
I may not have all the information updated yet, because I work a full time job and will try to get the extra stuff posted.  I may not be blogging much about anything other than the event.  I will try really hard to throw up some posts, but it's not always easy.  I realize now why some of you guys out there stop for a while running things.  It's incredibly hard and it takes an army of people to run, but I think it's worth it for Kansas City.  It should help strengthen our SharePoint Nation! presence in Kansas City. Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2008 3:44 PM | Back to top

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