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SharePoint 2010 provides a number of templates for creating new sites. Most organizations will decide for you which SharePoint templates you're going to use; it’s usually either a Team Site template or a Publishing Site template. The other templates are specialized.

Product Available Site Templates Typical Usage Scenarios
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Team Site, Meeting Workspace, Blog More people contribute content than read it; also when you want basic layouts
SharePoint Server 2010, Standard license; and SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites, Standard Publishing Portal Web content management sites, such as portals
Enterprise Wiki Collaborative sites with Web content management requirements
Document Center Sample template to demonstrate SharePoint’s document management features
Basic and Enterprise Search Centers Site dedicated to displaying search results
My Site Host Site dedicated to hosting My Site
SharePoint Server 2010, Enterprise License*; and SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Enterprise Records Center Used for managing document lifecycles
Performance Point Site Used for creating business intelligence dashboards

*Includes additional Web Parts and services to support advanced enterprise requirements

There are several others which you can read more about on:

You can convert a team/blank site to a publishing too.

Usually the best thing to do is to go with a blank site and control all features that you turn on. But the main point is that one should know which site template should be chosen to suffice all the requirements of the site. If you will not be using any of the Publishing feature set, then there is no particular reason, to use a Publishing site it should always be based on your list of goals.

All of the features used by a Publishing site are availalble in a Team Site as well.  They just aren't turned on by default.  You can still use the OOB approval workflows in a team site.  However, they aren't integrated with normal web part pages so if you want to use them to control publishing of content you need to turn on the publishing features.  You can still do that even if you start with a Team site template.  They just aren't turned on by default. There is no particular reason not to use a Team site for an Internet facing site.  I frequently start with a Blank site so that I can control all the features and whether they are turned on or off.

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Could you tell me how to convert a blank site into a team site? You indicate that you do this.
Left by Mike on Aug 24, 2012 4:27 AM

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