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image230415527.jpgHey guys,

I'm new here and nice to meet my fellow GeeksWithBlogs bloggers here.

This is the first time I really spent my time looking for a blog community for the developers and IT professionals.

I usually blog at my own site but I have not have that much of tine to maintain it. so I have chosen to look around and to lighten my burden a little bit.

I've been looking around for quit a while before I decided to try my luck with GeeksWithBlogs (GWB). I know it doesn't give out account just for any applicant out there. I know it's sort of like a privilege if you are given a "yes" for your application.

The day I found out they had approved my application, I'm extremely excited and I quickly take some time during my break to setup the basic information of my blog and thinking of a suitable title for the blog. Good that I can always change it though I don't find that a good idea.

And so, I proceed to begin my journey in hunting for a nice tool to blog from my mobile phone. I searched for a few days and have decided to check with@StaffOfGeeks for some ideas. so they shared with me they've previously been looking into some MetaBlogAPI supported apps for iPhone. so after I've been searching up and down, high and low. I manage to find this iBlogger apps.

Here are some tips and screenshots to guide you through the setting up processes. It did took up some time of mine to figure out the correct parameters for all the required fields.

After you've downloaded iBlogger to your iPhone, launch the apps and select Other MetaWeblog. Now, they will ask you to put in your blog URL. DO NOT THINK THAT IT'S YOUR BLOG URL. it's instead the GWB MetaBlogAPI's service endpoint URL. So, key in this line in the blog address:

Blog URL - This is GeeksWithBlogs MetaBlogAPI URL

Then, tap on Next to proceed.

iBlogger will validate your MetaBlogAPI URL

In the next screen, you will be presented with login information and your access URL.

Key in your GWB User Name and Password then your Blog's MetaBlogAPI URL

Just fill up the fields with you GWB username and password. As for the access URL is not that straightforward but similar to the previous URL we've just entered.

instead of keying in http://geekswithblogs/yourblog/ , you should key in the URL in this format: http://geekswithblogs/yourblog/services/metablogapi.aspx

Key in in Access URL field

And tap NEXT to continue. It will verify your account and that's it! Your account is now added and displayed with whatever name you've given to your Blog.

GWB Endpoint will validate your account

As you can see from the image, now my blog account is addede into iBlogger

tap on it will take you to the page where you can make your first post from iBlogger. Just tap the "+" sign to create new blog entry and it'll be saved automatically to your iPhone.

Tap on "+" to create a new blog entry

Click Edit to Insert Content to your blog entry

For your information, this is also my first post from iBlogger. Enjoy!

[EDIT: Seems like it only allows me to upload one picture per entry. Thus, I've edited my post from my PC]

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