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I just ran across this error while using the Team Foundation Server Power Tools to import a work item template XML document into a TFS instance:

Error 0x8013150A: An error relating to security occurred.

So it’s a security issue, right? No.

As it turns out, I had edited the XML file in Notepad and added values to a field definition with the ALLOWEDVALUES rule. In my over-zealous copy-and-paste efforts, I had added a few of the allowable values in more than one place:

<FIELD reportable="dimension" type="String" name="MyName" refname="MyProject.MyName">
    <LISTITEM value="Value1" />
    <LISTITEM value="Value2" />
    <LISTITEM value="Value3" />
    <LISTITEM value="Value1" />
    <!-- more values -->

The attempt to import this file into the TFS Process Editor Power Tool failed with the 8013150A error. After playing with security rights for a while, to no avail, I decided to double check my edits. I found and removed the duplicate entries in Notepad and tried again to load the file into TFS Process Editor Power Tool. Success!

Just thought that I would document the issue in case someone else runs across the same problem. The moral of the story is this: an error message of “an error relating to security occurred” does not necessarily mean that you have a security issue with your file. Check the contents of the file and make sure that is valid with regards to both syntax and semantics. In particular, do not list an item in an ALLOWEDVALUES list more than once … or you’ll get a security error … which makes perfect sense … I guess …

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