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I've got to admit that I am one of life's individuals who considers email to be something of a pain in the backside.  Okay, it's great if you want to get a message to someone quickly, it's cheaper than a second class stamp, but within the enterprise I think it can prove to be one of the biggest barriers to effective communication since the Berlin Wall.

I listened with interest to Robert Scoble's comments in a recent Technet Radio piece where he is extolling the virtues of blogging within the enterprise.  In particular, consider the manager, responsible for 100 staff,  each staff member can just blog a report and then the manager can pick and choose the reports that he wishes to see via his RSS agregator.  Neat eh?  Scoble state's that this reduces the in-box overload that we all suffer.

Earlier in his commentary Scoble also highlights another value of blogs insofar as they enable the organisation to listen to customers. I'm sure this will be increasingly important if an organisation wants the low down on what their customers and employees think of them.  At the moment, the blogsphere to is probably something that many organisations fail to see any significance in - how misguided they are.  This is a sentiment that was expressed in Richard Peat's blog a few days before Scoble's comments.

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