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I'm in the process of figuring out how to migrate an old VBA based Excel Add-in to VSTO .net

Quite unfortunately, UDF function support in Excel is critical for the add-in I'm updating and yet it is not supported in the present version of VSTO nor will it ever be with Excel 2003.

Thus, I'm stuck figuring out a means around the issue.

After a great deal of digging, I found a means to create VBA code from within .net and add it when the runtime loads.  A great summary of how to do this is available here:

The issue, however, is just as Paul outlines being that you then have to deal with 2 different security models, both .net and VBA Macros.

I believe after much frustration I have overcome the hurdle of deploying my VSTO code with the correct security of being able to install and run the add-in.  What I am now left with, is how to overcome the security constraints related to dynamically loading VBA macros from within a VSTO addin.

Any tips, thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated on good resources or solutions for configuring macro security from within VSTO.


Posted on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 1:28 PM | Back to top

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